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I have always been interested in stock investment eversince I was young. I always think about my financial security. I have always believed that in order to make money from the stock market and be financially secure, one need to have some seed money and knowledge. In order to be knowledgeable I decided to read anything, anything at all that is linked to the stock market. Economy, financials, company reports, investment books, magazines, periodicals, whatever....

It was after many years that I discovered the art of investing through a new method though partially practiced in other form which, however, was not done in its complete manner in what I termed as Activest.


This methodology would initially mean working industriously at finding a stock that is the most undervalued among all the stock and market that a person can manage in the time that is available. That is to say, if he is working and the only time are his off work period, he will then have to utilize as much of it as possible to research and analyze that stock. This will inculcate a deeper sense of commitment, focus and a more thorough process towards obtaining a better investment portfolio. The amount of effort will be equal if not more than getting a normal project done.

The main essence of activesting is in the interchanging of stocks and other portfolios under different environment. These other porfolios could be in ETFs, bonds, fixed income insruments, properties, paintings, commodities....... It could concurrently be amongst all that and in different regions or countries. The environment is the position one is in at that juncture. It could be you have bought or sold some shares, and the market takes a turn favourably or otherwise. It could also be the time that you have invested in some properties after selling your bonds, ETFs or stocks and the market take a turn either way. Thus, different environment would entail different action or decisions.

The purpose of this website is thus to help sharpen our knowledge in order that we can make a quick and good decision that will eventually eleviate us to the status of master in Activesting.


Harvesting of gains as in other economic activities is a prudent discipline to be adhered to. This is to ensure that all is not lost when sudden change, man-made or natural, causes a totally different scenario. Recognition of when to execute such a move is then a necessary knowledge.

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